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As Hallberg recounted in a Medium post and her friend and former colleague Martin R.

Schneider explained in a series of tweets on Thursday, the company’s clients also treated Hallberg differently from her male co-workers.

Rude, dismissive, ignoring my questions,” he wrote on Twitter.

“I was getting sick of his shit when I noticed something.

Amazing.” A third shared that “my law partner and I have this experience.

Often he has to give the same advice I just gave for it to ‘take.’”Studies have shown that Hallberg and Schneider’s story is not an aberration.

A photo illustration shows the entry describing the word "misogyny", in a 2nd edition copy of The Macquarie Concise Dictionary, the authority on the English language in Australia, on a coffee table in Sydney October 17, 2012.

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’” But “Marty just never really dealt with that.”Both he and Hallberg, in her Medium story, recounted an experiment they did almost three years ago while working together at that company.

Schneider and Hallberg worked out of their boss’s apartment in a swanky high-rise in Center City in Philadelphia. Hallberg started one year after Marty in the same role with the same amount of experience but at a lower salary, and continued to get smaller raises than her colleague and friend, she says.

When she was hired, he was bumped up and became her supervisor in name, though in practice they did the same work.

“So many women have said, ‘Oh my god, thank you for sharing.

I have one just like it.’ I don’t know any women who don’t,” she adds, while many of the men who responded were shocked to hear this happens.

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